Amp Interviewed About Fat Acceptance On “Educating Isaac”

Decnavda runs a podcast: “I have been introducing my ten-year-old son Isaac to people with strongly held religious, political and social beliefs and interviewing them with him for a podcast called ‘Educating Isaac.'”

I’m the guest on the most recent episode, talking about fat acceptance. You can listen to it here, or go search Itunes for “Educating Isaac.”

Unfortunately, I sound very tinny — I’m not sure what I did wrong.

A couple of follow-up links:

Here’s some info about the study I was recalling, that Isaac asked about. The testers either carried a diet drink, or carried an ice cream drink. But they also verbally indicated that they were trying to lose weight, or not.

Also, this article from Scientific American (pdf link) has a good discussion of the 400,000 deaths figure — see the sidebar labeled “Mortal Mistakes” on page 75.

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One Response to Amp Interviewed About Fat Acceptance On “Educating Isaac”

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    Decnavda says:

    There’s nothing wrong with a big man sounding… Oh, wait, that’s “tinny”, with 2 “n”s. No, that’s my fault. No computer wiz, I haven’t yet figgured out how to record Skype conversations directly on my computer, so I am just using a separate recorder.

    Thanks for the link.