Book two in progress: A Couple of Fruma Outfits

Hereville book two is now completely written and laid out (although there are a couple of pages I want to go back and fix), and I’m now at long last drawing actual pages. A bunch of pages are partway drawn, a few pages are complete, and — much to my excitement — the front cover is complete.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the publisher wants me to show you any of that stuff just yet. Definitely not the cover. Maybe I’ll start showing pages next week.

Meanwhile, here’s a couple of outfits that Fruma will wear in book 2:

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    Lonespark says:


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    nm says:

    I’m hoping we get to see Fruma wear a great big sweater she knit herself. One of my grandmothers was a professional knitter and I still have delighted memories of the matching coats and hats she once made for my sister and me. They would be too formal for Fruma to wear anything like them these days, but I bet she makes a mean outdoor sweater.