Book Trailer For Hereville 1

Hereville: How Mirka Met a Meteorite’s release date is November 1, but it seems that some copies are showing up early… I heard on twitter yesterday that someone had bought one at a store. Very neat!

But in the meantime, I got this nice email early this month:

My name is Ellen Gustafson, and I am currently a student working towards a master’s degree in School Library Media at the University of Michigan. For a class assignment, I have been asked to create a video book trailer for a book of middle school or young adult fiction–I would love to create a book trailer for Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword.

I could not say “YES” loudly enough! So here is Ellen Gustafson’s very cool trailer for the first Hereville book. Thanks, Ellen!

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3 Responses to Book Trailer For Hereville 1

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    Jake Squid says:

    The trailer is great! The single criticism I have for it is that when the words describing Mirka’s actions show up, they come and go a little too fast for me. I missed the first one entirely – I wasn’t expecting it and then it was gone – and even when I knew that was what was going on, they seemed a little too rushed and distracted me from the voice over.

    I loved everything else about the trailer. I’m saddened that I don’t have a trailer like that about me. Everybody would find me to be a lot more interesting than I am.

  2. That is a great trailer!

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    Eytan Zweig says:

    That was cool. If I didn’t already own a copy of Hereville, I probably would have gone out and gotten one after seeing the trailer.