The Big Fat Carnival! – Second Call For Submissions

[I thought I should reprint this post, since the deadline is this Sunday. -Amp]

I’m now taking submissions for the First Edition of The Big Fat Carnival. If you have a blog and you’re sympathetic to the cause, please consider linking to this post!

The Big Fat Carnival is a carnival for collecting some of the best blog posts regarding fat pride; fat acceptance; critiques of anti-fat bigotry, attitudes and research; celebration of images of fat people; practical difficulties of being fat; fat love (queer and otherwise); feminist views of fat and fat acceptance; the health at every size movement (HAES); and whatever else each edition’s editor feels fits into the theme.

(But please note, The Big Fat Carnival is not a place to advocate weight-loss diets, weight loss surgery (WLS), or feederism.)

The first edition of The Big Fat Carnival will be hosted by Ampersand on “Alas” on Tuesday, February 7th. Please read the call for submissions, and submit your posts to Ampersand via email or via this webform. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, February 5th.

Since this is the first edition, feel free to submit not only new posts, but also any old posts you’ve written – or that other folks have written – that you consider particularly loaded with merit.

And if you’d like to host a future edition of The Big Fat Carnival on your own blog, please email Ampersand and we’ll get you hooked up.

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8 Responses to The Big Fat Carnival! – Second Call For Submissions

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  2. 2
    Elayne Riggs says:

    I’ll definitely have something for you, Barry, it’s just been a crazy and exhausting week so I haven’t had a chance to finish my essay yet.

  3. 3
    nobody.really says:

    I doubtfully have something for you, Barry:
    Garrison Keillor’s review of a Frenchman’s effort to explain America to Americans. “It is the classic Freaks, Fatties, Fanatics & Faux Culture Excursion beloved of European journalists for the past 50 years….”

  4. 4
    Elayne Riggs says:

    I tried to submit my entry on the Blog Carnival site but I don’t think it took, the screen just froze.

  5. 5
    Tish says:

    I missed the deadline. I’m a duff.
    I wrote a post but if it’s too late that’s OK. I’m looking forward to reading what people write.

  6. 7
    Asher Abrams says:

    Hey Amp, there’s a link from my LJ list that you should probably know about if you don’t already. I’ll go grab it and post it here.

  7. 8
    Asher Abrams says:

    Here we go. PDXer Stacy Bias is a great resource for fat-friendly, queer-friendly, and feminist-friendly events.