Link Farm and Open Thread #14

Feel free to post anything you’d like on this thread, including links to your own (or other’s) work. Now, here’s some of what I’ve read recently:

Carnival of the Liberals Number 8: The Haiku Edition

One Good Thing: Letter to Alex and Chris, 12 Years In The Future
Flea reflects on rape, Hugh Thompson, and raising sons to be human beings. I can’t find high enough praise to describe this letter; I won’t be surprised if this wins the 2006 “best post” Koufax.

BlackAmazon: I Ain’t Having It
BlackAmazon kicks patriarchal ass, in an amazing manifesto responding to threats of violence against black women in the Nigerian blogging community. Make sure you also visit Woman of Color Blog for the background to BlackAmazon’s post.

Coalition for Darfur: The Silence of Bystanders

In Darfur, we have even less excuse than in past genocides. We have known about this for more than two years, we have photos and eyewitnesses, our president has even described it as genocide, and yet we’re still paralyzed. Part of the problem is that President Bush hasn’t made it a top priority, but at least he is now showing signs of stirring … and in fact he’s done more than most other world leaders, and more than many Democrats. Our failure in Darfur is utterly bipartisan.

Vigilance: How We’ve Created Freedom In Afghanistan and Iraq
In Iraq, a powerful Shiite cleric calls for death in the most painful way possible for lesbians and gays. Meanwhile, an Afghan faces the death penalty for converting to Christianity.

UPDATE: Ginmar seems certain that the above-listed Iraq story is false.
On the other hand, Zeyad, who can read Arabic, claims that the call for death to homosexuals is on Sistani’s official website. I don’t know the truth of the matter, so I suggest you read both posts and draw your own conclusion.

ACS Blog: How the Bush Administration is undermining Title IX and women’s sports

Den of the Biting Beaver: If God Is Just, Then Why Is There Rape?

Fabulosa Mujer: Anarcha-Feminism & Supporting Mothers and Children

…You don’t need to “like” kids in order to support them, and their rights, as you should all people…. Mothering [is] a feminist pro-choice thing – we have the right to birth control, abortion, AND prenatal care, resources to support us after birth – the choice to have a kid as well as to not have one.

Fabulosa Mujer: Women and Weapons

Pseudo-Adrianne: Reproductive Rights Under Attack in Tennessee

A Womb of Her Own: Manley Men Lift Furnature
Melissa quotes from a hilarious interview with manhood-obsessed professor Harvey Mansfield. How To Be A Real Nice Guy

Slant Truth: Yeah, More On Why Crash Was Bullshit

Pinko Feminist Hellcat on The OC Rape Case
Sheelzebub coverage of the OC Rape Case has been nothing short of stellar; now, happily, she’s set up a post category for her many posts on the subject, so they’re all available at a single link.

Ally Work: Refuting the Slavery Apologists

Lucky White Girl: Impromptu Carnival: Privilege in the blogosphere
Lucky White Girl gathers some recent posts regarding the feminist blogosphere’s on-going fight over privilege, civility, and moderation policies. Unsurprisingly (and, some would say, self-servingly), I agree with Noumena’s view.

One Tenacious Baby Mama: On (patriarchal) (male) “Feminists”
This is one of the most interesting criticisms of “Alas” I’ve read in a while. (Note: There a nude image of a woman contained in this blog’s background image.)

Feministe: Opting Out Of Opting Out
What if they held an opt-out revolution and nobody came? (Feministe appears to be offline right now, but I hope this link will work again soon.)

The Well-Timed Period: Fisking Mr. Saleton on 2nd Trimester Abortions

Lawyers, Guns and Money: Why the Health Exemption Matters

But I do enjoy the cinematography in Triumph of the Will!

Hit and Run: Breathalyzers Come Under Fire

“It seems to us that one should not have privileges and freedom jeopardized by the results of a mystical machine that is immune from discovery,” Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeal ruled…

Dispatches From the Culture Wars: Mor(e)on Christian Martyrs

[The ACLU and the courts are] “basically cleansing America of religion and particularly Christianity. It’s almost like a genocide. It’s a sophisticated genocide.” –Richard Thompson, Christian right legal activist.

Vigilance: Japanese Feminist Censored by Japanese Government

Waiting For Dorothy: Abortion, Truthiness and Sciency Language
Occasional “Alas” comment-writer Emily1 critiques the South Dakota Task Force’s report on abortion and finds it wanting. This is the first in a series of posts; the second can be read here.

Running With Symbols: Talking with my 11-year old daughter about abortion

Reappropriate: The V for Vendetta Buzzcut

why is it that the mainstream media seems to be focussing almost entirely on the shock of a Hollywood actress willingly cutting her hair for a role? The article I link above talks about Portman flying in the face of beauty myths, but it strikes me as sexist that almost all the publicity surrounding this film seems to be interested only in Portman cutting her hair. As if her experience as an actress are irrelevant, only what she has done to her appearance.

Sivacracy: TBogg is sexist crap.

Crooked Timber: Demography is not Destiny
Good refutation 0f the “conservatives will breed their way to victory” hypothesis.

Spore looks really cool
A sprawling game, originally named “Sim Everything,” in which the player begins as a microscopic creature in a drop of pond water, and evolves her way up, and up, and up, until she’s zipping around the universe in a spaceship fostering intelligent life on various worlds. What’s most interesting, however, is the “massively single player online game.” If you’re interested in this sort of thing and have 20 minutes, I recommend watching the demo video. Curtsy: Catallarchy.

Some Links Regarding Lesbian and Gay Rights

A Womb of Her Own: De-gaying the White House Easter Egg Roll
The Religious Right blows a gasket because some children of same-sex parents might be at the White House’s Easter Egg hunt. The horror! The horror!

My Amusement Park: 60 Minutes on The “Science” of Sexual Orientation
EL provides a great round-up of blogger reactions (as well as his/her own comments) to a recent 60 Minutes report on the (alleged?) physiological causes of homosexuality.

Peter Toscano: How Sexual Abuse Made Me Ex-Gay

Having been sexually abused did not make me gay; I was gay anyway. But living with unresolved childhood sexual trauma made me the perfect candidate for the dehomosexualization process.

(Via Fetch Me My Axe, who also has some thoughts).

Basic Rights Oregon: Oregon Taxpayers to Fund Anti-Gay, Church-Sponsored School

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    Interviewer: What do you lift?

    Mansfield: Furniture. Not every night, but routinely.

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    you might want to mention that Tenacious Baby Mama isn’t really work-safe, just because of the background image there…


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