SuperButch Page 1 Is Up!

Becky Hawkins and I have posted the first page of our new webcomic “SuperButch!” It’s about a lesbian superhero in the 1940s protecting the bar scene from corrupt cops. We’re really excited about this!

I’m writing, and Becky’s doing art – although we both get in each other’s business a lot. :-) We’ll be posting a new page every Tuesday.

There’s also a complete 16-page prelude story up, “First Glance,” which can be read here.

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3 Responses to SuperButch Page 1 Is Up!

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    Jeremy Redlien says:

    Interesting…. I too have been working on a LGBTQ superhero webcomic called The Silver Demons, which is also a period piece (the main plot is set in 1969, rather than the 1940’s) the gay bar scene of the time is involved and one of the main characters is a cop (but not a corrupt one). It’s almost like we’re ripping each other off… ;-).

    Well, actually, mine is based on a novel I’ve been working on, doing research on for like 7-8 years now.

    In any case it’s cool to see others out there creating LGBTQ superheroes.

    Good luck with your comic!

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    Ampersand says:

    Thanks, Jeremy! Good luck with yours, as well!