Open Thread and Link Farm, Multimedia Trump Edition


  1. Let’s start with some good news: A federal appeals court just reached a huge decision for transgender rights. Seriously, it’s big. – Vox
    “On Tuesday, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Kenosha Unified School District in Wisconsin violated the rights of a trans student, Ash Whitaker, when it refused to let him use the boys’ bathroom.” “…if bans against sex discrimination in particular apply to trans people, then it’s not just students’ rights that are protected, but all trans people who face discrimination in other settings where sex discrimination is banned — so not just schools, but the workplace and housing as well.”
  2. And more good news: Supreme Court on 5-3 Vote Affirms NC Racial Gerrymandering Case, with Thomas in Majority and Roberts in Dissent | Election Law Blog
    ” This decision by Justice Kagan is a major victory for voting rights plaintiffs, who have succeeded in turning the racial gerrymandering cause of action into an effective tool to go after partisan gerrymanders in Southern states. That Justice Kagan got Justice Thomas not only to vote this way but to sign onto the opinion (giving it precedential value) is a really big deal.”
  3. Related: Why Clarence Thomas’s Rulings on Race Are so Idiosyncratic | New Republic As nice as this decision was, it doesn’t indicate a change of heart for Thomas; it indicates a set of facts that happened to comport with Thomas’ race politics in a way that made him vote atypically. Overall, the Supreme Court still seems likely to rubberstamp most voter suppression efforts.
  4. Do All Violent Offenders Need Long Prison Terms? | The Crime Report
    A scholar is interviewed about his new study, which shows that prosecutors and prosecutors alone have caused soaring prison populations.
  5. House Overwhelmingly Supports Bill Subjecting Teen Sexters to Mandatory 15-Years in Federal Prison – Hit & Run :
    Which puts all the power in prosecutor’s hands. This is a terrible law, which virtually every Republican and, shamefully, all but 53 Democrats voted for.
  6. Alamo Drafthouse Apologizes for Starting Manpocalypse With Women-Only Screening
    “The Shadowy Figure made good points about Representation Mattering and Safe Spaces as she idly flicked raw flesh to her dogs.”
  7. A new GOP bill would make it virtually impossible to sue the police – The Washington Post
  8. The Lead-Poisoned Generation in New Orleans – The Atlantic
    “The story of a decades-long lead-poisoning lawsuit in New Orleans illustrates how the toxin destroys black families and communities alike.”
  9. Researchers say many students still struggle with affirmative consent
  10. This Week in Appropriation: Kooks Burritos and Willamette Week – Blogtown – Portland Mercury
    So the writer is gloating because two white women’s tortilla pop-up business went out of business. That’s gross. And so is this use of the “cultural appropriation” criticism.
  11. The engine of irrationality inside the rationalists – Ketan Joshi>
    Anti-feminists got a hoax paper published and are crowing that this proves gender studies is worthless. But the journal they got their hoax paper accepted to appears to be a pay-for-play journal which publishes almost anything. When they submitted the same hoax to a better journal, it was rejected.
  12. Same study packaged for two different audiences.
    This cracked me up.
  13. Why are people still losing their minds over Hillary?
    Ends with yny starts with mis.
  14. The Debate Link: More Shocking News from the Fair-Weather Free Speech Brigade
  15. What the Mariel Boatlift of Cuban Refugees Can Teach Us about the Economics of Immigration: An Explainer and a Revelation | Center For Global Development
    A much-talked about paper, showing that immigration reduces wages among American workers who never completed high school, had completely spurious results – caused not by any dishonesty, but by a coincidence of when the US Census altered its sampling methods.
  16. The 712-page Google doc that proves Muslims do condemn terrorism | World news | The Guardian
  17. Pregnant at 18. Hailed by Abortion Foes. Punished by Christian School. – The New York Times
    Indirect link.
  18. Johnny Depp Wouldn’t Have a Female Villain for ‘Pirates 5’ | The Mary Sue
    Because there had been a female villain in “Dark Shadows,” a Depp picture which came out five years earlier.
  19. The Real Reasons for Marvel Comics’ Woes – The Atlantic
    Constant relaunches and creative team merry-go-rounds have diminished reader interest and loyalty. (Thanks to Nobody!)
  20. Man still serving time for violating probation by being arrested for robbery of which he was acquitted
    And he’s Black. What a surprise.
  21. Why “tick tock” sounds correct but “tock tick” does not. : etymology
  22. The airport lawyers who fought Trump’s Muslim ban are facing a Justice Dept. crackdown
  23. When ISIS Ran the American South | The American Conservative
  24. Review: Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto is witty and thought-provoking – Seventh Row
    This movie about art manifestos, starring Cate Blanchett playing 13 different roles, sounds really neat. I hope I get to see it someday, although I’m not sure if I’m steeped enough in art movements to understand it.
  25. Police Forces Are Sending A Message To Black Suburban Residents: You’re Not Wanted
    Interesting article about towns that used to be almost all-white, and still have almost all-white police forces.
  26. Housing Constraints and Spatial Misallocation
    An academic paper arguing that the lack of sufficient housing in cities like NYC and San Francisco reduce economic opportunities not only in those cities, but all over the country.
  27. Sweden drops rape charges against Julian Assange — but not because they think he’s innocent – Vox
    Basically, they decided that they have no means of ever bringing Assange up for trial, unless he someday decides to return to Sweden.
  28. Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing by Melissa Mohr – review | Books | The Guardian
    ” By the first world war, soldiers swore so much that the word “fucking” came to function as no more than ‘a warning that a noun is coming’.”


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