A Portfolio of Barry Deutsch’s comics

I created this post so that when people ask for a link showing what I do, I can have examples gathered at one URL.

Although I’ve created many comics over the years, my four largest projects are Hereville, SuperButch, my political cartoons, and Wings of Fire. Click on any image to enlarge.


I’m best known for writing and drawing the Hereville series of graphic novels, about a monster-fighting 11-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl.

Hereville is published by Abrams; Hereville books have been nominated for every major comics award (including an Eisner), and have won the Sydney Taylor Award and the Oregon Book Award, among others.

Here’s the cover to the first Hereville book, and a few sample Hereville pages.


Becky Hawkins and I co-create the webcomic SuperButch. Superbutch is about a lesbian superhero in the 1940s who protects the bar scene from corrupt cops.

SuperButch has won the Prism Award for Best Webcomic. As of this writing, Becky and I have published four paper issues of SuperButch.

Here’s some sample covers and interior pages from SuperButch. All art by Becky Hawkins.

Political Cartoons

My political cartoons have been in The Nib, In These Times, The LA Times, Ms Magazine, and countless union newsletters and college textbooks, and have won a Charles Schulz Award.

Here are some samples of my political cartoons. All are written and drawn by me.

Wings of Fire

I co-write the scripts for the graphic novel adaptations of Tui Sutherland’s best-selling Wings of Fire series. Wings of Fire is about a group of five adolescent dragons, “the dragonets of destiny,” who are destined to save the world from war – or so a prophecy claims.

Both the original novels and the graphic novels are published by Scholastic.

Here are some covers and interior art from Wings of Fire. All art by Mike Holmes.

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