Monday baby blogging: Sydney and Maddox Playing With Each Other

This is the last of the three-part “Amp takes a lot of photos in a grocery story” series of baby bloggings. (Parts one and two are also available).

Sydney and Maddox Playing

Sydney and Maddox, playing in the grocery story. You may think that Maddox is wearing a wig, but actually she’s just strapped to the chest of her filthy long-haired commie hippie daddy. (Hi Matt!)

Sydney and Maddox Playing

Maddox prepares to bite off Sydney’s nose.

Sydney and Maddox Playing

You know, I never have this much fun anymore. Oh, to be one or two years old…. On the other hand, no one straps me against my will into a damn grocery cart anymore, either.

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2 Responses to Monday baby blogging: Sydney and Maddox Playing With Each Other

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    Kim (Basement Variety!) says:

    Omg I still love these photo’s so much. Then again, being that I was there I think I’m partial because I saw how cute the actual grocery trip was.

    BTW, Sydney has a real ‘fake’ phone that Nana gave her to play with and she’s been calling you all. Has she gotten through? The conversations have been fascinating to say the least, especially the ones with Jake and Bean. I also didn’t realise Charles was such a Disney fan. She’s had convo’s with Barry and Sarah too – in fact, Barry has the record for most calls made I think, but the convo’s are a bit dull, at least from the spectator perspective.