Check Out “Thirteen of the Secrets in My Purse” in Uncanny Magazine

Red purse sitting on dirt road surrounded by grass

One: My lipstick.

The shade is Heart’s Blood.

Morbid, if you ask me.

I wanted to know if it was really the color of heart’s blood so I bought beef heart and tried dabbing my lips.

Close enough.

I emailed to congratulate the lipstick company on their realism. They did not respond.

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Some purses contain pens, stray receipts, and lip balm. This one’s more exciting. This light-hearted, urban fantasy follows a woman, whose purse is full of secrets with a quest to champion. “Thirteen of the Secrets in My Purse” was published in the May/June issue of Uncanny Magazine.

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5 Responses to Check Out “Thirteen of the Secrets in My Purse” in Uncanny Magazine

  1. 1
    RonF says:

    Keep the lipstick. Don’t send it back.

  2. 2
    Ampersand says:

    I loved this, Mandolin!

  3. 3
    JaneDoh says:

    I really liked this – thanks for sharing! My favorite part was the passport.

  4. 4
    Grace Annam says:

    I speak almost no French, so I popped this into Google translate to confirm my suspicion: “Ma petite passport! Restez ici! Tout le France t’aiment!”

    But I had just used Google casually to check a word I was using in Spanish, which I do speak to an extent, so what I got was a translation from French to Spanish… which I understood just fine.

    I thought you might be amused.


  5. 5
    Grace Annam says:

    Oh, and “I keep it in a mint tin” made me laugh!