Cartoon: Why Won’t Leftists Just Be Civil?

Imagine a world without these political cartoons. Would life even be worth living? Obviously not. We’d all just sit around staring blankly at our piles of unwashed dishes and laundry waiting to die because nothing means anything. Oh, and, uh, patreon support blah blah blah.

I’ve made fun of the “civility” issue before, and I’m sure I’ll do it again. It’s just such an irresistible lump of hypocrisy. Plus, people being overdramatic means fun facial expressions to draw.

I’m an extremely civil person, outside my cartoons. Even on Twitter, I work hard to be polite, even when I’m arguing with right-wingers. In college I was on the debate team (my only sport!), and being polite is crucial in competitive debate.

So I’ve got a lot of sympathy for people who call for civility because that’s their aesthetic preference (which is where I’m coming from). Or because they believe that being civil goes hand in hand with kindness, and kindness is good, even when dealing with jerks (also where I’m coming from). Or because they personally have issues dealing with other people’s anger and contempt, and so they’re able to function more comfortably in an environment with politeness, even if it’s moderator-enforced politeness. (For a third time, that’s me.)

My eyes only start rolling when calls for politeness are used as a partisan cudgel, Because there are rude people on all sides, and anyone who can’t see that is either being disingenuous, or is so far sunk inside of a partisan bubble they probably won’t see sunlight until the asteroids wipe us all out and dinosaurs take the Earth back.

This one was so simple (only two panels!) that it was a pleasure to draw. I got to spend a lot of time trying to make her hair look lively and right, and working on her expressions.

The next cartoon I’ll post is a nine-panel strip. I usually have multiple strips written and waiting to be drawn. So I’ll tend to do the relatively quick to draw strips alongside ones that take forever, and hopefully it averages out to something like a reasonable workload.


This cartoon has two panels. Both of the panels show a white woman with a stylish haircut, wearing a striped shirt with a calf-length skirt and black tights. She speaks directly to the reader.


The woman looks sad and distraught. She’s holding one palm up in a bewildered fashion, and has her other palm pressed against the side of her face.

WOMAN: I was arguing with a liberal and she said…

WOMAN: I can hardly even SAY it, it was so AWFUL!

WOMAN: She said my argument was “RACIST.”

WOMAN: She actually used THAT word! About ME! How can anybody be so MEAN?


The woman now looks angry, her hands balled up into fists.

WOMAN: Why won’t these lying libtard soyboy cuck groomer baby-killing totalitarian leftists just be CIVIL?

Why Won’t Leftists Just Be Civil? | Barry Deutsch on Patreon

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4 Responses to Cartoon: Why Won’t Leftists Just Be Civil?

  1. 1
    Horatio Velveteen says:

    “there are rude people on all sides”

    It is true, there are rude people on both sides, but let’s not pretend that the two sides are equal when it comes to civility.

    We owe civility to everybody who meets a certain minimum standard of behaviour. But when people advocate for genocide, mass murder and the elimination of human rights, thy fall beneath that standard, and our obligation to be civil to them disappears. I certainly admire those who can be civil to them, but I don’t feel bad about it if I can’t. (Spoiler – I can’t)

  2. 2
    linnen says:

    There is money to be made off of the ‘civility’ racket, usually by using it as a cudgel as you noted. There is even a sub-genre of “If you won’t be civil, you’ll only radicalized them!” For some reason, this type of civility scolding always strikes me more as a justification for paths already decided upon rather than a warning.

  3. 3
    RonF says:

    But when people advocate for genocide, mass murder and the elimination of human rights, [they] fall beneath that standard, and our obligation to be civil to them disappears.

    A lot of people agree with you. Including those who view abortion as encompassed within the first two qualifications you name and restrictions (de jure and de facto) on free speech and the right to keep and bear arms within the third.

  4. 4
    Horatio Velveteen says:

    Those people are wrong Ron

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