Please Submit To The Fifth Big Fat Carnival!

The third fifth Big Fat Carnival, to be hosted by I Hate People, is approaching, but we’re weirdly low on submissions this time! Oh, no! The humiliation! How will we ever be able to face the other Carnivals at the Carnival Sock-Hop?

But we can save the Big Fat Carnival! Please use this form to submit excellent fat-positive and anti-sizism posts, either that you have written yourself, or that you’ve come across in your browsings. Soopermouse’s suggested theme is “Daily living with fat, in dignity,” but as usual off-theme submissions are happily accepted! (Submission deadline is the end of the day on Sunday, October 1st). And if other fat-positive and allied bloggers could link to or reprint this call for submissions, I’d really appreciate it. :-)


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