The Fifth Big Fat Carnival Is Here!

Over at I Hate People. Go! Look! Link!.

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2 Responses to The Fifth Big Fat Carnival Is Here!

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    Deborah says:

    Ironically, I am getting hits from my contribution, but the blog’s name puts it behind my work firewall, so I won’t be able to look until tonight.

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    William O. Romine Jr. says:

    Go to the New York Times website and do an archives search on the
    compound Resveratrol. It causes a marked change in the metabolism
    of overweight people such that the lifespan (at least as tested in mice
    and other animals) is improved by as much as 50%. If the NYT’s is
    playing up the compound (a natural product) then there must be
    something to the product – and it has had results of tests published in
    SCIENCE and NATURE magazines. There have been a whole slew of
    articles published in the month of November, 2006, in the NYT’s. The
    compound is commercially available over the counter (mail order on
    Google) although I do not know how safe and pure these products are.