Bush Appoints Anti-Contraception Advocate To Run Title X

From Reverand Debra at Sexuality And Religion:

Yesterday, I blogged about the Catholic Bishops telling their married congregants not to use birth control.

Seems like the nation’s family planning program could be headed in that direction as well. The Bush administration yesterday announced its appointment of Dr. Erik Keroack as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs, the nation’s official in charge of the national family planning program.
Here’s part of the press release we put out:

“It is a cruel joke on low-income women in America who turn to the government for assistance with family planning services to place Dr. Erik Keroack in charge of the national Title X program.

Dr. Keroack is an anti-contraception advocate who has been serving as medical director of “A Women’s Concern,” an organization with an official policy that states “birth control…is demeaning to women, degrading of human sexuality, and averse to human health and happiness.”

This appointment doesn’t require an approval from Congress.

In the Washington Post
, Cecile Richards (the president of Planned Parenthood) was quoted saying “The appointment of anti-birth control, anti-sex education advocate Dr. Eric Keroack to oversee the nation’s family planning program is striking proof that the Bush administration remains dramatically out of step with the nation’s priorities.”

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One Response to Bush Appoints Anti-Contraception Advocate To Run Title X

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    Robert says:

    Yes, but has Dr. Keroack ever pulled out one of the plane-crashing, morality-destroying life-ending BOOBIES in public? I think not.

    We have to have our priorities straight.