Disability Blog Carnival

The December addition of the Disability Blog Carnival is up at Andrea’s Buzzing About:

We all have a number of little things that not only delight us in small ways, but also make life just so much more pleasant, and even help reduce our stress loads. These tend to fall into three categories: technology that enables us to do things, creature comforts, and human interaction. Got your cuppa? Cats and dogs settled down? Then let’s begin!

[Hat Tip: Alas, a blog]

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3 Responses to Disability Blog Carnival

  1. 1
    Kay Olson says:

    I beat you to it. Look about 12 posts down. :)

  2. 2
    Ampersand says:

    Jack’s posts are automatically cross-posted on “Alas.” So you beat him to it here, but he was the first one to post about it at The Blog And The Bullet. :-)