Immersion: Porn by Robbie Cooper

Since we’re discussing porn, I thought I’d post this, which I thought was interesting. I’m not sure if it’s porn or not — it has no nudity or explicit images — but it’s probably NSFW. The video features interviews of people talking about porn, interspersed with video of them masturbating while viewing porn. Since the camera was apparently positioned on the monitor, the people seem to be staring directly at the viewer as they jack or jill off, which I think creates a more intense effect than porn images of masturbation.

The people interviewed are a little more diverse than you’d find in mainstream movies and TV — or in mainstream porn, for that matter — but much less diverse than I’d wish them to be.

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2 Responses to Immersion: Porn by Robbie Cooper

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    Matt Bors says:

    This is interesting. There’s certainly a meta aspect to it–they are being filmed, which I’m sure affects their “performance” to some extent since they know an audience will view it.

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    chingona says:

    After all my earnestness on the other thread, I thought I’d link to the Air Sex Championships. Just like it sounds … like Air Guitar, but Air Sex. Probably NSFW, but no nudity. Looking at some of the videos, the concept is, perhaps not surprisingly, funnier than the execution, but I still find something kind of charming about it. In contrast to (at least mainstream) porn, where people are turning actual sex into a performance, trying to stay away from the grunty, sweaty, ridiculous, stop-stop-my-leg-is-cramping-ness of sex, here people are pretending to have sex, but keeping it real with all kinds of grunty silliness.

    And they’re in Portland on Saturday!