Kid Blogging: Flower Girls at Bean's Wedding

Longtime “Alas” readers will recall a long-ago co-blogger, my friend and housemate Bean, who still posts a very occasional comment here, plus I often use Bean’s photos for kid blogging.

Sydney and Maddox were recently flower girls at the wedding of Bean to a lovely, quirky guy named Dan.

Many more pictures — not only of the girls, but also of a few other folks of interest to the “Alas” community — below the fold.

I love Maddox’s expression in this pic. “Why is Sydney holding hands with that boy?”

I’ve always found Sydney extremely easy to take nice pictures of; Sydney has a tendency to arrange herself well and to have camera-friendly expressions. Maddox looks almost exactly like Sydney did two years ago, but is mysteriously harder to take good photos of; her eyes are always closed, or she’s making a face that doesn’t look like herself, or she’s just moving too fast to get anything but a blur. (Bean says that you can capture Sydney with a photo, but it takes a video to get Maddox.)

I’ve taken nice photos of Maddox over the years, but it’s more effort. With Sydney you just point the camera in her direction and nice photos appear. The photos Bean got from the pro wedding photographer seem to prove that it’s not just me; there are tons of nice photos of Sydney, but not that many of Maddox.

Another pretty picture of Sydney.

Sydney explains to Bean that she (Sydney) is a spy. When Bean later repeated this to me, Sydney got quite annoyed, since she had been a secret spy.

The entrance of the flower girls. As far as Sydney and Maddox are concerned, this moment is what the whole wedding was about.1

Of course, the girls weren’t the only “Alas” related folks present at Bean’s wedding….

The newly married couple of Bean and Dan. Huzzah! And in the background, the officient is me, Ampersand. I’m happy to report that I didn’t have to moderate Bean or Dan even once during the wedding ceremony. But I wish I had straightened my tie.

“Alas” co-moderator and frequent comment-writer Charles, wearing what I always think of as his puffy poet shirt, contemplates a flower girl bouquet.

Frequent “Alas” comment-writer Jake Squid, puffing on that newfangled e-cigarette of his.

Kevin Moore, whose political cartoons I’ve occasionally linked to, and who has occasionally left comments here. Looking at this photo, you may think Kevin is drunk. And for all I know, he was drunk. But the sad truth is, he always looks like that.

When I checked with Kev that it was okay for me to post his photo, he replied:

Here are my restrictions: It’s okay to publish my photo, unless I am naked. But if by some random chance/miracle a pic of me naked looks good and/or hot, then publish it. However, no photoshopping in bestiality. Unless the animal in question is really hot, then go ahead.

Another shot of me, because face it, I look sweet in a suit.

And one last shot of Bean and Dan. Sydney and Maddox, whenever they see photos of Dan and Bean kissing, will scream and cover their eyes, and Sydney will cry out “it burns, it burns!” (We’re not sure where she picked that up from, but it’s awesome.) In fact, Maddox in particular so enjoys this process, she specifically seeks out photos of Bean and Dan kissing, so she can object to having seen them.

Maziltov, Bean and Dan!

  1. “There are no small roles, only small actors.” []
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16 Responses to Kid Blogging: Flower Girls at Bean's Wedding

  1. 1
    Kevin Moore says:

    Sadly, I was caffeinated.

  2. 2
    bean says:

    You forgot to mention the truely awesome recessional music that was playing when we were walking down the aisle in the above pic. Unless of course, you’ve already forgotten teh truely awesome recessional music, in which case I guess it wasn’t really all that truely awesome.

  3. 3
    Kay Olson says:

    Bean! Congratulations!

  4. 4
    Myca says:

    Congratulations to both Bean and Dan! What a lovely couple and wedding!


  5. 5
    FilthyGrandeur says:

    Congratulations Bean. many happy years to you both.

    i also love the color of your dress–very lovely!

  6. 6
    L says:

    Beautiful photos from a beautiful wedding.

    Ampersand, you do look good in a suit. I totally have an internet crush now. :)

  7. 7
    Ampersand says:

    Well, if it helps alleviate your affliction, I spend 90% of my life wearing t-shirts. :-)

  8. 8
    Crys T says:

    Congratulations, Bean!! I wish you the best of luck with Dan.

    And that is one gorgeous dress you have on! Jeeeaaaaalouuusssssssss!

  9. 9
    bean says:

    Thank you!!!

  10. 10
    PG says:

    Congratulations to Dan, and good wishes to Bean!

  11. 11
    Rachel S. says:

    Congrats! Bean. I miss you all over here. The girls are growing like weeds.

  12. 12
    Charles S says:


    Don’t you find the correct form of wedding congratulations creepy? Women get good wishes and men get congratulated: Good job on bagging a wife vs. I hope he doesn’t treat you too badly now that you are his chattel is how I’ve always implicitly heard that.

  13. 13
    Dianne says:

    Don’t you find the correct form of wedding congratulations creepy?

    Yeah. I also find the concept of marriage a little creepy. However, I’m a sucker for the dressing up and publically declaring one’s love aspect. Especially with cute kids. Congratulations to both of you Bean and Dan!

    And amp does look good in a suit.

  14. 14
    Kim (basement variety!) says:

    LOL – I was just looking at the pictures and Maddox ran up to the screen – “IT BURNS MY EYES! IT BURNS MY EYES!” – I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her and then suddenly I noticed the explanation below the picture.

    My girls are nothing, if not fabulous purveyors of the dramatic arts.

  15. 15
    Lu says:

    Hearty congrats to Bean and Dan!

    And hearty thanks to Amp for putting faces to names.

    And, Kim(bv) — holy priceless collection of Etruscan snoods, your kids are beautiful.

  16. 16
    Tammy says:

    I’ve never had such a fun time reading! :)

    Sydney and Maddox are such sweet angels. Sydney IS a natural! Just look at the girls’ photo walking down the aisle … Sydney effortlessly made a good shot, while cute, little Maddox seems to be walking in her sleep. ;)