Ampersand's Home Page

Welcome to Ampersand's home page, aka "Barry's home page" if you happen to know me in real life. That's a self-portrait to the left.

I live in a way-cool commune, create comics (including my current strip, and before that I did Pre-Structuralist Funnies), hang out with friends, explore some cool web links, and that's about it for my life (well, not quite. There's more detail in About Da Cartoonist). Now you know.

In my spare time (ha!) I used to maintain two comics-related web pages, The How-To Guide to Comics (a resource for folks interested in creating comics) and The Dave Sim Memorial Note From the President Archive. Frankly, I'm now too busy to keep up with maintaining those any longer, but some folks still like 'em so I'm leaving them up.