About da cartoonist

Yes, all about ME!!! What fun!


But, truthfully, there's not much to tell. My name's Ampersand (aka "Barry Deutsch"), I was born October 29 1968, and although I live in Portland, Oregon, I'm a New York Jew born and bred (I say this even though I really grew up in Westport, Ct, where I attended Staples High and had my bar mitzvah at Temple Israel). I've been writing and drawing comics for over a decade, and am finally getting good at it. I attended and dropped out of Oberlin College, and then attended and dropped out of The School of Visual Arts in NYC. After years out of academia (what was I thinking?), I'm now a student at Portland State University, and have finally made it to my Senior year.

I used to do a comic strip called Kippil, but it's been cancelled. More recently, I worked on a strip called Pre-Structuralist Funnies, which you can view a few episodes of on-line. I currently do a weekly political strip, which can be seen in The Portland Vanguard, The Ashville Global Report and ZNet. As for non-cartooning work, I'm a wedding coordinator (no, seriously) for a Portland landmark called The Old Church.

Hobbies? Well, I write web-pages, and waste time browsing the web. Apart from that, I listen to a lot of musicals (especially the musicals of Stephen Sondheim), read books, dabble in progressive politics, and watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer on TV. Mainly, though, I debate parli style as part of the National Parlimentary Debate Association - which means, I travel to strange new cities, meet interesting people there, and disagree with them. I highly recommend parli debate for anyone who is interested in having a fun new obsession suck away all of their spare time forever.

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