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Cartoon: Hiring

If you enjoy these cartoons, please support them on Patreon. Transcript of cartoon: Panel 1 The panel shows two white men; one is wearing a turtleneck shirt, the other is wearing a necktie with a sweatervest. Both are balding, but … Continue reading

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Global Warming Discussion Thread (moved from the “Six Kinds of Republican” thread

There is now a significant discussion of global warming and denialism going on in the “Six Kinds of Republican” thread. I’m creating this post to move those comments to.

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Cartoon: Global Warming Can’t Be Real

TRANSCRIPT Panel 1 The image shows a businessman wearing a jacket and tie and standing on a tiny planet Earth. He is angrily lecturing. In the background we see outer space. MAN: Global warming can’t be real. Because if it … Continue reading

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Why Tea Party Members Believe Global Warming Is A Hoax

Christopher Flavell, in an article about climate denialism, interviews Harvard professor Vanessa Williamson: Williamson attributed the receptiveness of Tea Party supporters to two widespread views: First, the coastal elite looks down on people in Middle America; second, the government wants … Continue reading

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The “Dark Funding” Is Behind The Entire Conservative Movement, Not Just Climate Change Deniers

Earlier this month, Drexel University’s Robert Brulle published a paper: Institutionalizing Delay: foundation funding and the creation of U.S. climate change counter-movement organizations. The paper examines how a huge portion of the funding of “climate change counter-movement organizations” has moved … Continue reading

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US Oil Drilling Has No Effect on Gas Prices

From the AP (via ThinkProgress): U.S. oil production is back to the same level it was in March 2003, when gas cost $2.10 per gallon when adjusted for inflation. But that’s not what prices are now. That’s because oil is … Continue reading

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To Conservatives Who Thought Nate Silver Was An Idiot

Regarding the reliability of climate modeling, maybe you’re right, despite your lack of expertise, and despite the fact that the last time you made a testable prediction about statistical modeling, you revealed yourself to be a great deal less accurate … Continue reading

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Pournelle’s Iron Law Of Bureaucracy, FEMA, and Republican Incompetence

In another thread, Ron – I suspect with tongue in cheek – quoted Jerry Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy: In any bureaucratic organization there will be two kinds of people: First, there will be those who are devoted to the … Continue reading

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The Minimum Wage, Global Warming, and Expert Consensus

Via Bleeding Heart Libertarians, I read Daniel B. Klein and Stewart Dompe’s admirable article “Reasons for Supporting the Minimum Wage: Asking Signatories of the ‘Raise the Minimum Wage’ Statement.” Klein, an economist who opposes the minimum wage, wanted to understand … Continue reading

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Romney Mocks Trying To Address Global Warming

I wasn’t interested in the GOP convention this year, and I don’t expect to be interested in the Democratic convention. It’s not like I’m sweating who to vote for; of the two viable candidates, Obama, despite horrible flaws, is the … Continue reading

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