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Publication News: Two Days Left to Preorder Veils, Halos & Shackles

I am normally more on top of these things, but somehow the email letting me know about the special pre-order discount ($14.95, which is $10 off the cover price) on Veils, Halos & Shackles: International Poetry on the Oppression and … Continue reading

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Why Feminists Shouldn’t Use “Neckbeard”

My newest “Everyday Feminism” cartoon.

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Quote: A very long, sharp wedding ring

Jess Zimmerman: There have probably been more real-life woman warriors than we know. Until recently, archaeologists would determine the gender of a grave’s occupant based on the artifacts buried within; jewelry meant a woman, weapons meant a man. When skeletons … Continue reading

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Now This Is a Hotel Manager Who Should Definitely Be Fired

911 Audio: Hotel Manager Reports Guest For Being Transgender – BuzzFeed News Meagan Taylor and her best friend, who are both transgender women, were traveling through Iowa on July 13 to a funeral for her best friend’s brother when they … Continue reading

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Hotel Fires Employee For Calling Someone A “Slut” Online. Is This A Free Speech Issue?

Content warning: Misogynistic online harassment, including rape threats. I want to respond to a comment left by Desipis, but to do that, I’ll need to bring in some context. Clementine Ford is a feminist columnist from Australia. Various misogynists have … Continue reading

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A Dialog Between A Bernie Sanders Supporter And A Hillary Clinton Supporter

A Bernie Sanders supporter on Tumblr wrote: People who endorse Hillary Clinton: we need a women president! #WhiteFeminism People who endorse Bernie Sanders: we need this man to win to take money out of politics, to promote and campaign for … Continue reading

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On The Definition of Misogyny, And The Related And Uninteresting Question, Is Dave Sim Misogynistic?

So Sandeep Atwal and I have been disagreeing on the definition of misogyny. Sandeep says that misogyny means “hatred of women,” full stop. I agree misogyny means “hatred of women,” but it additionally means (to quote the OED) “Dislike of, … Continue reading

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Deb Chachra on “The Gray Man” and Gender-Marked Fashion

Source. In this fantastic interview for Rawr Denim, William Gibson talks about clothing and fashion: “There’s an idea called “gray man”, in the security business, that I find interesting. They teach people to dress unobtrusively. Chinos instead of combat pants, … Continue reading

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Sarkeesian’s “You Suck” Statement At The UN Was Not What Anti-SJWs Claim

So Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, among others, were witnesses at the launch of the UN’s “Working Group on Broadband and Gender.”1 Ever since, right-wingers on social media have been claiming that Sarkeesian said that “you suck” is a form … Continue reading

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Towards a Feminist Politics of “Male Survivorship”

I have spent the last month or so writing a proposal for a fellowship that, if I get it, will buy me some serious time to write. The project I am proposing will allow me to go back into the … Continue reading

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