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We should get rid of selective service altogether, not just add women to it

BE IT RESOLVED, that NOW opposes the reinstatement of registration and draft for both men and women. NOW’s primary focus on this issue is on opposition to registration and draft. However, if we cannot stop the return to registration and … Continue reading

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Publication News: Two Days Left to Preorder Veils, Halos & Shackles

I am normally more on top of these things, but somehow the email letting me know about the special pre-order discount ($14.95, which is $10 off the cover price) on Veils, Halos & Shackles: International Poetry on the Oppression and … Continue reading

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Why Feminists Shouldn’t Use “Neckbeard”

My newest “Everyday Feminism” cartoon. TRANSCRIPT OF CARTOON (At the top of the cartoon, large cartoon-style letters spell out “NECKBEARD.” Each letter is growing stubble hairs out of its lowest third.) (Behind all the panels is a large drawing of … Continue reading

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Quote: A very long, sharp wedding ring

Jess Zimmerman: There have probably been more real-life woman warriors than we know. Until recently, archaeologists would determine the gender of a grave’s occupant based on the artifacts buried within; jewelry meant a woman, weapons meant a man. When skeletons … Continue reading

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Now This Is a Hotel Manager Who Should Definitely Be Fired

911 Audio: Hotel Manager Reports Guest For Being Transgender – BuzzFeed News Meagan Taylor and her best friend, who are both transgender women, were traveling through Iowa on July 13 to a funeral for her best friend’s brother when they … Continue reading

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Hotel Fires Employee For Calling Someone A “Slut” Online. Is This A Free Speech Issue?

Content warning: Misogynistic online harassment, including rape threats. I want to respond to a comment left by Desipis, but to do that, I’ll need to bring in some context. Clementine Ford is a feminist columnist from Australia. Various misogynists have … Continue reading

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A Dialog Between A Bernie Sanders Supporter And A Hillary Clinton Supporter

A Bernie Sanders supporter on Tumblr wrote: People who endorse Hillary Clinton: we need a women president! #WhiteFeminism People who endorse Bernie Sanders: we need this man to win to take money out of politics, to promote and campaign for … Continue reading

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On The Definition of Misogyny, And The Related And Uninteresting Question, Is Dave Sim Misogynistic?

So Sandeep Atwal and I have been disagreeing on the definition of misogyny. Sandeep says that misogyny means “hatred of women,” full stop. I agree misogyny means “hatred of women,” but it additionally means (to quote the OED) “Dislike of, … Continue reading

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Deb Chachra on “The Gray Man” and Gender-Marked Fashion

Source. In this fantastic interview for Rawr Denim, William Gibson talks about clothing and fashion: “There’s an idea called “gray man”, in the security business, that I find interesting. They teach people to dress unobtrusively. Chinos instead of combat pants, … Continue reading

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Sarkeesian’s “You Suck” Statement At The UN Was Not What Anti-SJWs Claim

So Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, among others, were witnesses at the launch of the UN’s “Working Group on Broadband and Gender.”1 Ever since, right-wingers on social media have been claiming that Sarkeesian said that “you suck” is a form … Continue reading

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