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What We’re Not Talking About When We Talk About Guns and Rape

[This is a guest post by freelance writer and recovering attorney Dani Alexis. Dani blogs and is rampant on Twitter.] Zerlina Maxwell made some fantastic points on Fox News and in her Ebony columns about how telling women how not … Continue reading

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“A man walks into a bar…”

[This is a guest post by Nicole Louise Melleby.] “A man walks into a bar…” Every joke can be a setup for a rape joke. When rape victims turn on their TVs, they face a strong possibility of being confronted … Continue reading

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Health care and non-compete agreements

[Written by Kay Olson, and crossposted from The Gimp Parade with Kay’s kind permission]. Two years ago this week I got caught up in a legal dispute that briefly threatened my life. Obviously, I’m still alive, but a version of … Continue reading

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With Thanks to Liz Wallace.

[This post is by Kip Manley, and cross-posted from his blog Long Story; Short Pier with his kind permission.] The crew is unisex and all parts are interchangeable for men or women. —Dan O’Bannon, Alien (née Starbeast) FOOM! FOOM! FOOM! … Continue reading

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Why Austerity is Bullshit

This is a guest post by Ben Lehman. I’ve seen the phrase “austerity” getting floated a lot in political discussions lately. In all the languages in all of human history, never has there been a word that crammed more bullshit … Continue reading

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Guest Repost: Tansy Rayner Roberts–Joanna Russ's How to Suppress Women's Writing Is a Book that Must Not Be Forgotten

The following is a response to Joanna Russ’s How to Suppress Women’s Writing, reposted with permission from Tansy Rayner Roberts. Roberts is a Tasmanian writer with a fantasy trilogy called The Creature Court coming out from HarperVoyager starting June 2010, … Continue reading

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Convenient Double Standard on Drug Use

(This post by Kevin Keith is crossposted, with Kevin’s kind permission, from Sufficient Scruples.) USAToday reports a study of the high rate of suicide and drug-related deaths in the military. The report concludes that such deaths have increased because soldiers, particularly … Continue reading

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This Is Not Tawana Brawley

Why is it, that on every website/blog I see about the Duke alleged rape case, people keep bringing up Tawana Brawley? As if she set the standard for all black women who can claim rape. It is very unsettling that … Continue reading

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She Does Not Speak For Me

[This post is written by Blac(k)ademic] I saw this posting from pandagon today regarding Jasmyne Cannick’s article against immigration reform. I had to write something in response to it because I am deeply offended by her words as a black … Continue reading

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