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Low Vaccination Rates Are Caused By Inadequate Public Health Systems, Not By Anti-Vaxxers

There is a really crappy New York Times op-ed entitled “How the Anti-Vaxxers Are Winning” circulating at the moment (it’s such a great click-bait headline! Good job New York Times editors!). It claims that “It’s looking as if 2017 could … Continue reading

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Occupy Portland News

[I know this is not a normal post for Alas, but I’m going to use my power as a mod to use Alas to spread the news about Occupy Portland] As folks may know, Mayor Sam Adams has declared Saturday … Continue reading

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Language around trans, how it works, how it doesn't…

[This is Charles] In the long running previous thread on that started out with Amp’s rebuttal of anti-trans arguments, I suggested opening a new thread to refocus and to make the loading time shorter (425 posts and rising, phew!). A … Continue reading

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