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Parents are pretty stupid nowadays

Luckily, yet another childless person is willing to tell us how stupid we are! Thank goodness! Because, to be honest, it’d been almost ten minutes since the last time someone without children graced me with their opinion on how much … Continue reading

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Open Thread: Maddox and Sydney Protest Outside WalMart!

I haven’t posted any pictures of Maddox and Sydney in a while, but I couldn’t resist posting this picture from the Oregonian’s website. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving – we had 20 at dinner (Maddox and Sydney included), lots of … Continue reading

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Women and Children

Some recent quotes from Feministe: Ha. Sure. Yes, it is your children’s RIGHT to scream in a restaurant, and you are definitely not going to interfere or tolerate a dirty look from another patron who does not enjoy hearing screams … Continue reading

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