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A Gay Iranian Mullah Who is a Refugee in Turkey

This is a pretty remarkable story.

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Would We Be Living in a Better World if the Tyrants of the Past Had Never Existed?

When Someone is Driven to Murder, Where Does the Responsibility Lie? It’s been a very long time since someone called me a bleeding-heart liberal, a label that was never complimentary and always carried with it a connotation not simply of … Continue reading

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Sa’di’s Most Famous Lines Hang on the Wall of the United Nations

I am a few days late with this post because we had some renovation issues to deal with in my house last week and they left me no time at all to write. The extra time, however, did help me understand better … Continue reading

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Say Nothing If You Cannot Say It Well

I think this week’s Sa’di Says speaks for itself: A seasoned speaker knows his craft demands careful thought or his words will go to waste. Follow his example. Say nothing if you cannot say it well; make silence the voice … Continue reading

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Thank You, Veterans

I wrote this on November 11, and then before I could get a thumbs-up from certain people to post it, life intervened. So, it’s a little late, but still worth saying. As GB Stern said, silent gratitude isn’t much use … Continue reading

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Saleh Noh Mobarak! Happy Persian New Year!

Eid Moborak! Norouz Pirouz! I am a little late this year in putting up a post for Norouz. Here is a lovely video of translations of poems by Hafez, one of Iran’s most important poets, that I found on The … Continue reading

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Why I’d Have To Think About Who To Vote For, Barack Obama or Ron Paul

Let me say, first, that I’m confident this is not a choice we’ll ever face. It’s going to be Romney versus Obama. (Unless Ron Paul decides to run as a third party candidate, which, from a Democratic point of view, … Continue reading

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In his speeches, [Khameini] has often cited Lenin’s phrase that if an ideology is not supported by art it will die.

From an article called “The Secrets of Khameini’s Life,” written by Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf. Khameini, Iran’s Supreme Ruler, cares deeply about poetry and what I finnd interesting in this brief profile is the account of how poetry and politics … Continue reading

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An Iranian Version of the Daily Show

Edited to embed the full interview. These guys do an online show called Parazit that does to Iranian politics what The Daily Show does to the politics of this country. Unfortunately, the shows are in Persian and I haven’t been … Continue reading

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Persian Poetry Tuesday: Ghazal 10 from "The Green Sea of Heaven," Translations of Hafez

Khwaja Shams ud-Din Muhammad Hafez-i Shiraza, the acknowledged master of the ghazal form in the Persian canon, was born sometime between 1317 and 1325. He died in 1389. His poems are among the most popular in the Persian-speaking world, where … Continue reading

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