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Cartoon: In My Day, Young Women Never Dressed Like That

I love doing these history cartoons with Becky Hawkins – we both enjoy doing the research and I’m really proud of the results.  And I genuinely find it fascinating that so many things repeat and repeat over the centuries. I’m … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Women Need To Be More Warm And Approachable

I saw this exchange on Twitter. For context, “David” is an anti-feminist with 7,000 followers, and Andrew Tate is a famous misogynist: David’s sentiment is common among incels and anti-feminists (two groups with significant overlap) – if young women would … Continue reading

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In Which I Have More To Say About The Politics Of Being A Man Who Has Survived Sexual Violence (and also about Junot Díaz)

In my previous post about Junot Díaz, I alluded to an essay I was in the middle of trying to write when I read the Boston Globe article in which he categorically denied the accusations of misogyny and sexual misconduct … Continue reading

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Cartoon: TRIAL

This is my new cartoon on Everyday Feminism. Please go check it out! (Content warning for sexual harassment.)

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