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Republican Primary Open Thread

This is interesting; there’s a little hyperbole in it, but the basic point — that FOX is by far the most important news source for the majority of conservatives, and how that network reports the candidates could change the outcome … Continue reading

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Revise and Extend

So I think I’ve been unfair to Glenn Beck. “But Jeff,” you say, “Glenn Beck is rarely fair to other people. Why should you be fair to him?” Well, dear reader, it’s precisely because I’m not Glenn Beck, and I … Continue reading

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Killing in the Name Of

In the aftermath of the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., and the killing of six innocent bystanders, many pixels have been spilled handwringing about what part of the political specrtum Jared Lee Loughner belongs to. The reason for … Continue reading

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Straight Flowing on a Boat in the Deep Blue Sea

Remember James O’Keefe III? Sure you do! He’s the guy who (didn’t actually) dress(ed) as a pimp and shot selectively-edited video in order to bring down ACORN, which thanks to a heavy assist from FOX and Andrew Breitbart, and the … Continue reading

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The Controversy Over Park51 (Cordoba House) Was Manufactured by Fox

Or at least that’s what Frank Rich, citing Salon’s Justin Elliott, wrote in his August 22 op-ed column, “How Fox Betrayed Petraeus.” (You can find links if you click through to the whole column.) We owe thanks to Justin Elliott … Continue reading

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