Apply for the Jeremiah Fellowship!

So I just finished a wonderful leadership program run by the Progressive Jewish Alliance called the Jeremiah Fellowship. The Los Angeles and Bay Area programs are currently accepting applications for next year’s cohorts, and you should apply! Here’s a description from the site:

Access a dynamic network of organizers, activists, rabbis, visionaries and renowned scholars.

Empower yourself through in-depth training in professional and leadership skills.

Expand your knowledge of Jewish tradition, text and history to put ethics into action.

Develop tangible organizing and activism skills within a Jewish context.

Explore your city through the intersection of social justice, Jewish values, and leadership.

Join a lasting community of vibrant and engaged leaders.

The Jeremiah Fellowship is a 9 month program that runs from September through June. Fellows come together for two weekday evenings per month and several weekend experiences in the field, and participate in two weekend-long retreats. The program culminates with the Jeremiah Challenge, a self-directed and community-based action project.

Since the Fellowship’s launch in 2005 over 120 Jewish leaders have completed the program, emerging with in-depth leadership training and exposure to a dynamic network of organizers, activists, rabbis, artists, visionaries and renowned scholars. Through the program, Fellows explore the intersection of social justice, Jewish values and leadership.

During the 9 month course, Fellows come together to explore different models of putting ethics and values into action, for intimate conversations with major leaders in the local Jewish and social justice worlds, and for meaningful study of Jewish history and texts. Fellowship retreats during the year offer in-depth trainings in social justice organizing and leadership skills, and foster community-building among the participants.

Each year the fellowship focuses on three central areas of study. The areas of study are chosen based on the most relevant social justice issues facing the cities in which the Fellows reside. For example, the previous Fellowship included local perspectives on food justice, affordable housing and the California budget quagmire.

Participants emerge from the Fellowship with tangible community organizing and activism skills grounded in Jewish values, better equipped to pursue their own careers and studies in the social justice field. After the Fellowship, participants are invited to join the Alumni Network to stay engaged, informed and connected.

Also, read my fancy testimonial if you want!

Seriously, the guest speakers were amazing and the training was invaluable. Applications are due on the 30th, so get to it.

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