Louisiana Court OK's Marriage Vote,

Posting in comments at “Alas, A Blog”, Rev. Ian Brumberger suggests:

God says, “No,” sends Hurricane.

Rev. Brumberger’s full comment; 365.com’s story

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3 Responses to Louisiana Court OK's Marriage Vote,

  1. 1
    Tom T. says:

    Typo in the headline: should be “Louisiana.”

  2. 2
    lucia says:

    Ivan seems to have come ashore in Alabama. It looks . pretty bad. I dread the day when a huge hurricane hits New Orleans dead on. It’s a beautiful city, but unfortunately, below sea level.

  3. 3
    Tom T. says:

    I was reading some article where a weatherman explained that New Orleans’ being below sea level is only really dangerous if a hurricane (or other big storm) hits from a particular angle, essentially forcing Lake Pontchartrain into inundating the city. Hopefully, this means that Ivan will not have that harsh an effect there. It does look awfully bad in the areas where it has hit, though. There have apparently been several more deaths.