… and Manitoba

CVT.ca reports:

Manitoba has become the fifth jurisdiction in Canada to legalize same-sex marriage.

This ruling was not unexpected. The neither the provincial nor the federal government contested the case and the Judge was swayed by previous rulings in other provinces. So, same sex marriages are now legal in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, the Yukon and Manitoba.

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4 Responses to … and Manitoba

  1. 1
    Nick Fagerlund says:

    I know just barely enough about Canada to say that Alberta will probably be last.

  2. 2
    lucia says:

    Oh.. I suspect it’s going to go in the order that the cases get lodged now! Or, more likely, it looks like the laws need to be clarified at the federal level. After all, the Canadian federal government is no longer disputing these cases.

  3. 3
    Lianne says:

    Yep, Alberta will be definitely last. It’s certainly the most right-wing province (although a lot of the US, especially the south, wouldn’t consider them very far to the right, but then, we’re a pinko country, don’t you know, with free health care)

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