Drive for anti-SSM amendment in Washington reports Allies for Marriage and Children, a newly formed conservative group, is working to introduce an anti marriage equality amendment in Washington State. Washington state already has a one man-one woman marriage law. However, recent rulings in King and Thurston counties said the law was constitutionally invalid; their rulings are being appealed to the Supreme Court, where the constitutionality of Washington’s DOMA will be evaluated.

State Sen. Dan Swecker predicts pressure will mount to pass an amendment this winter; state Rep. Ed Murray, suggest that the amendment won’t even emerge from committee. We don’t yet know the wording of the hypothetical amendment, which thus far, has no sponsors.

The The Seattle PI notes that Washington’s DOMA did pass with more than two-thirds support in both houses. However, some legislators who voted for Washington’s DOMA in 1998 have lost their seats; in contrast no one who voted against it has. In addition, legislators may be more reluctant to amend the constitution than to pass a law.

Of course, I’m hoping this DOMA threat goes no where, and we’ll see same sex marriage legalized in Washington. (And for that matter, in Oregon and California.)

For additional information, visit:Fox 12 Oregon

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