My dream last night

President Obama was a serial killer. He was staying at a house on the woods and decided to sneak out at night to stake out the home of his next intended victims. He got chased through the woods by a local cop played by John Goodman. Goodman eventually tackled Obama, but was so embarrassed to discover that he had captured the President that he just let Obama go and slunk off, and then Obama cut off John Goodman’s head.

So Obama chopped up several victims and stitched them back together, but in new arrangements, so person A’s head was on person B’s body with person C’s arms and so forth. The victims were pleased — “this IS more interesting!,” one chopped-up young woman said of her new arrangement.

At that point I woke up momentarily. When I went back to sleep, the killer was now my housemate Sarah, who cheerfully told me her plan to tempt me with some sort of dark magic. I spent the rest of the dream fleeing to Rhode Island.

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8 Responses to My dream last night

  1. 1
    Elkins says:

    That wasn’t a dream, Barry.

    Oh. Errr…I mean, of course it was! Just a dream!

  2. 2
    Dianne says:

    Did you wake up in Rhode Island?

  3. 3
    RonF says:

    No more pepperoni pizza a half-hour before bedtime for you!

    Either that or you have to stop drinking wine that comes in a jug with a screw-top.

  4. 4
    DaisyDeadhead says:

    I have Catholic guilt over missing Easter Mass, even though I don’t believe it anymore. (The Vatican implants chips in your head, which I think some of you have already figured out.)

    Anyway, I dreamed I went to Easter Mass, and it was fairly uninteresting, but then Michelle and Barack Obama came into Mass! I thought, wow, all these Santorum-voting pro-lifers here, they need Secret Service protection, but I didn’t see any. I started sweating about it, the idea that they would come to Mass without anybody even checking the place out first!

    I sweated more and more, finally woke up from my hot flash. :)

  5. 5
    Robert says:

    That dream is ridiculous, Daisy. Muslims don’t go to Mass.

  6. 6
    nobody.really says:

    How creepy. Seriously — Rhode Island?

  7. 7
    LaQwana says:

    I thought that this story was hilarious! I really don’t understand the point but I guess you were just trying to share something that would be entertaining. It did grab my attention though and I though that it was a very interesting dream. Do tell me when you have dreams like this.

  8. 8
    Jenn says:

    Whatever you ate before bed, don’t eat that again!