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Cartoon: The Measure of Intelligence

This cartoon is by me and Nadine Scholtes. Did you catch the interactions between the animals? That was entirely made up by Nadine, and I love it. Donald Trump’s board game – and yes, that is a thing that exists … Continue reading

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Fake Funeral! Monday November 5th! Tell Your Friends!

(This is sort of a sequel to a fake wedding done in 2008). The date of the fake funeral has been set! It’s November 5th (by curious coincidence, just a week after my 50th birthday). You’re invited, so please come! … Continue reading

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The world’s languages, in 7 maps and charts – The Washington Post

This series of graphs, maps, and charts from the The Washington Post illustrates some fascinating information about the world’s languages. It’s not surprising that English is the most studied language in the world: But I did find this chart illustrating how many … Continue reading

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Desk Space Available in SE Portland, $135-$185 a month

(Bumping this back to the top, because we’re once again seeking new co-spacers!) I draw my comics at a shared office space in Portland (Oregon), on SE Foster and Holgate. We’re currently looking for mild-mannered, friendly writers, cartoonists, visual artists, … Continue reading

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If Passengers Can’t Find The Lifejackets, Don’t Blame Cell Phones

If this Atlantic article by Polly Mosendz is representative, the case against allowing passengers to use electronic devices during takeoff and landing is incredibly weak. I was particular bugged by this argument: George Hobica, an air-travel expert, explained that the … Continue reading

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You Won’t Believe How This New York Observer Article about Vox Media Taking On @SavedYouAClick Over Sopranos Spoiler Gave Freddie deBoer Cardiac Arrest

More! More!

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Conservative blog recommendation?

Since I no longer contribute to the comments at Ethics Alarms, I’m hoping to find a replacement. Could anyone recommend a conservative blog with a good comments section to me? What I’d like is a comments section where: 1) People … Continue reading

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An apology for that time a left-winger somewhere on the internet was mean to you.

On another thread, “lseter” wrote: What I find funny on certain websites is that they will go to great pains to outdo one another in showing their sensitivity. They provide detailed triggering warnings for any possible thing that anyone could … Continue reading

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Does the new nation intend to annex Illinois and Indiana?

Okay, I have a “con”: Michigan isn’t contiguous to any of those other states. I love that they put all this effort and money into a billboard, but messed up the abbreviation for Mississippi. (Via).

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Crockett’s Public House In Puyallup, Washington Is Terrible

We ate there after a con recently – it seemed like unpretentious food and it had a lot of good reviews – and were astounded at how bad the food was. The hamburgers were tasteless mush (I ordered medium rare … Continue reading

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