Desk Space Available in SE Portland, $135-$185 a month

(Bumping this back to the top, because we’re once again seeking new co-spacers!)

I draw my comics at a shared office space in Portland (Oregon), on SE Foster and Holgate.

We’re currently looking for mild-mannered, friendly writers, cartoonists, visual artists, programmers and anyone else who wants a affordable workplace, to share a quiet, heated, air conditioned work space.


– Large desks (approximately 5 x 2.5 feet).
– High speed internet and utilities included.
– 24/7 access.
– Microwave, refrigerator and half bath.
– Close to food, gaming shop and other assorted awesomeness.
– On the 14 and 17 bus lines.
– $135 or $185 month (depending on the size of the desk) — incredibly affordable.

There are currently a few desks available.

I can say from experience, working from a place that’s not a desk in my bedroom is totes gratifying and boosts productivity. If you’d be interested, drop me an email.

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2 Responses to Desk Space Available in SE Portland, $135-$185 a month

  1. 1
    nobody.really says:

    Lovely, thank you, though I’m not in the market for office space right now.

    Just curious: I seem to recall that Amp uses some elaborate and (I’d guess) expensive computerized writing service for his work. Does this kind of open office arrangement pose a risk of theft — or accident? Or do people carry all their equipment with them as they come and go?

  2. 2
    Ben Lehman says:

    Uhm: the space has locks, an alarm, and multiple security cameras. The people who have access are limited and known. If someone were to take something from the space, we’d not only know who, we’d know their name and address.