ACLU Speaks Out On Behalf of Plan B Counseling

NOTE: I wrote this right at the time that Katrina had hit, and felt I should hold off on publishing it at the time due not wanting to distract from the more pressing issues that deserved more immediate attention. Since it’s still interesting and noteworthy, I’m going ahead and publishing it now for your edification!

The ACLU has joined the Plan B advocation fray this Tuesday, by asking the Justice Department to release records that would explain why they are not advising hospitals to include emergency contraception counseling when treating rape victims.

In this time decade of what has felt like constant back-peddling with regards to reproductive rights, it’s reassuring to see that more organizations and people are starting to stand up and make their voices heard. According to an article in the Las Vegas SUN, the ACLU has joined with several other organizations in submitting a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the first ever national medical protocol that was distributed to state health departments last fall:

“It is time for the Department of Justice to be accountable for refusing to do everything it can to protect sexual assault survivors from unintended pregnancy,” said Louise Melling of the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project.

It’s good to know that this rather astounding issue of obfuscation and negligent medical care is getting the attention it deserves, and the support it needs. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a bit of forward momentum.

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2 Responses to ACLU Speaks Out On Behalf of Plan B Counseling

  1. 1
    Elena says:

    Way to go, ACLU.

  2. 2
    RonF says:

    Is the DoJ preventing hospitals from advising rape victims on their contraceptive options?