A post to show contractors the repair work I need to have done.

This is exactly what it sounds like – a post so I can easily show contractors photos of some repair work I need done. So my usual readers should feel free to completely ignore this post. Or, you know, use it for offering advice and/or snarky comments about how if it was your room you’d it all yourself instead of throwing money away by paying someone to do it. :-p

I’ve recently had mold removed from our family room, which is a converted garage. The mold (which originated from a leak in a seldom-opened closet) is all gone now, but we need significant repairs to the room and closet.

The room is 12′ x 12′. The closet is 4′ x 6′.

Here’s what we need done:

1) An entire wall of the closet, part of the closet ceiling, and part of the closet floor needs to be replaced. Insulation above the ceiling and under the floor needs replacing, as well. (See photos below).

2) A section of the room floor needs to be replaced (see photos), and insulation replaced.

3) The entire room, including the three steps leading into the room (see photos), needs to be recarpeted, and the existing carpeting removed.

4) Closet floor finished with sturdy vinyl or linoleum.

5) Sturdy, deep shelves installed on all walls inside of the closet, in order to turn the closet into a pantry.

6) The closet door needs to be rehung.

7) An existing built-in toybox (see photos) torn out, and the wall, floorboards and floor where the toybox was repaired as needed to match the rest.

Photos of area:


Above: Missing floor in room.




Missing closet floor.


Closet wall.


Closet ceiling.


Different view of closet wall.


Closet floor.


Steps into family room.


Built-in toybox to be removed.

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