As an Alternative to Sea Lions …

I would like to humbly propose ‘ant swarms.’


Comic courtesy Robot Hugs, whose other comics are similarly fantastic.

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6 Responses to As an Alternative to Sea Lions …

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    Humberto says:


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    Ben David says:

    I’m appalled that you think this funny!
    Deeply disappointed by your vertebrate-centrism.

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    nobody.really says:

    What does “As an Alternative to Sea Lions …” refer to?

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    Myca says:

    What does “As an Alternative to Sea Lions …” refer to?

    “Sea Lioning” has become a term to refer to the constant, faux-civil engagement harassment by Gamergaters and their supporters, as referred to in this comic.

    Ampersand recently referred to it in this post.

    The original comic has been criticized in the past because it’s hard for someone who hasn’t been in the receiving end of this kind of harassment to understand why the Sea Lion is acting unacceptably, and I thought that this comic, especially with its tagline, “Misantry” clarified matters somewhat.


  5. I think the fact that ant swarming is obviously hostile makes it distinct from sea-lioning’s near-perfect mimic of actual discourse. But it’s a subtle thing that doesn’t always matter.

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    Patrick says:

    I dunno. “Sea lioning” seems to describe something that doesn’t necessarily require a group.

    I commented a while back on a reddit thread. The topic was a gaming media figure’s request that gamergate focus less on e-celebrity drama, and more on ethics in game journalism. I commented to point out that the reason this wasn’t going to happen was because gamergate, as a movement, was about 10% ethics in journalism, and 90% drama. The immediate response was a demand for evidence. I suggested that the person go to the Kotaku in Action version of the thread we were discussing, and just read, making a mark on a sheet of paper every time he encountered someone arguing about drama unrelated to journalistic ethics, and gave a few examples. I suggested that his tally sheet would fill before he reached the end of the thread.

    The response was an assertion that, were the thread long enough, the tally sheet would fill even if drama was only .1% of the thread’s content. This person then went on for a while about my methodology, and how I hadn’t proven my point, etc, etc.

    I insulted him and left, because I’ve been around the internet long enough to know that his response wasn’t honest, and dishonest responses, no matter how civilly phrased, are already insults.

    That’s sea lioning. Only takes one guy.