Koufax Awards: Time To Vote

The first round of voting for this year’s Koufax awards is open. I’m enourmously pleased that “Alas” was nominated in three categories: Best Blog (non-professional), Best Writing, and Best Single Issue Blog.

(UPDATE: We’re up for “Best Group Blog” too! Cool!)

Given the high quality of the other nominees, I don’t expect “Alas” will advance to the next (and final) round. Nonetheless, I’m extremely fuckin’ honored to see “Alas” listed in such great company. Go over and vote, why don’tcha?

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2 Responses to Koufax Awards: Time To Vote

  1. 1
    Anna in Cairo says:

    Hi, why are you considered single issue? I know you spend a lot of time on feminism, but also the issue of gay rights, and the issue of the body image problem and the anti-fat-people problem, as well as cute pictures of Baby Sydney and some general posts about Oregon.

    Also, stuff on cartooning!

    Seems to me you are not single issue at all.

    Well, I can vote for you as being best written, I suppose! :)

  2. 2
    ScottM says:

    I think you were also nominated in Best Group Blog.