Quick Introduction

Ampersand has kindly offered to let me guest blog for a week, and so I thought I’d say hi. I’m Maia, from Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty . I think I’ll let my politics speak for themselves – the only thing it’s probably useful to know is that I live in New Zealand.

For reasons that I don’t quite remember I’m Maia on my own blog, and other New Zealand or blogspot blogs, and reddecca everywhere else. This is likely to cause intense confusion, so now I’ll be Maia everywhere (although I’ll miss making a tribute to the great Jessica Mitford).

So thank you for having me. If anything I say doesn’t make any sense it’s probably a Buffy reference, if you know it’s not a Buffy reference then I probably forgot to finish the sentance – I’m working on that.

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    nobody.really says:

    Hello, Maia.

    (Um … sorry; just my 12-Step training kicking in. )