Cartoon: How Long? aka Trump Card

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I hope you find this cartoon funny. It’s definitely me holding a mirror up to myself; I’m genuinely started by the amount of bitterness I have towards conservatives for electing Trump. It’s just so breathtakingly irresponsible. I pride myself on being chill and mellow and seeing the good in people, but maaaaan, conservatives are not making it easy.

(Although, honestly, this isn’t my first extended political bitterness. Ask me about Bush v Gore sometime.)

Artwise, I’m feeling good about this one. It all looks pretty decent, the characters look animated (at least to my eye), three out of the four panels even have backgrounds, and I even did some research (to figure out how to draw brains).

And I got to draw spppaaaaaccceeee, which is not something that comes up in many of my cartoons.

Looking at the art now, my big regret s that I didn’t make the little antennas on top of the brain jars little speakers instead, with the word balloon coming out of the little speaker on top. Admittedly, I’m not sure that anyone on Earth other than me would find little speakers on top of brain jars funny.


There are four panels in this cartoon.

The first three panels show two women walking on a hillside, perhaps in a park. One woman is wearing a shirt with an exclamation mark design, the other is wearing glasses. They’re arguing.


EXCLAMATION MARK: A lot of liberals are rigid and mean to people who disagree with them.
GLASSES: Conservatives elected Donald Trump president.


EXCLAMATION MARK: Obamacare didn’t deliver nearly as much as liberals promised!
GLASSES: Yeah, but conservatives elected Trump!

Exclamation Mark has turned her back on Glasses, crossing her arms and looking stubborn.

EXCLAMATION MARK: Oh, come on! How long are you going to hold that against us.

We are in outer space; there’s a moon nearby, and a flying saucer and planet in the background. In the foreground, two brains in high-tech-looking jars (well, high-tech in a 1950s sci-fi movie prop sort of way), both with eyeballs, are floating in space. One of the brains is wearing a pair of glasses.

CAPTION: A million billion years later.
GLASSES: …but conservatives elected Trump!

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6 Responses to Cartoon: How Long? aka Trump Card

  1. 1
    Grace Annam says:

    I know that technical accuracy was not a high priority, in this one, but for what it’s worth, little speakers would not transmit sound in a vacuum.


  2. 2
    Ampersand says:

    Actual films taken in outer space prove that you are mistaken, Grace.

  3. 3
    Sebastian h says:

    But communists! 😉

  4. 4
    Evan Þ. says:

    After a million billion years, with brains floating in jars, how do we know it’ll still be a vacuum?

    (And for all we know, they’re talking about Zarathusa Even Worse Trump elected in Year Nine Hundred Million.)

  5. 5
    Ben Lehman says:

    Evan: Yes, it’ll still be vacuum. Likely much more empty and cold than current vacuum

  6. 6
    Nancy Lebovitz says:

    They can’t tell that the other brain isn’t hearing them– they just repeat the things they usually say.