My life in cats: Henderson

Presenting Henderson, also called Sweet Lady Henderson, which is a great name for both a cat and a blues singer:


Henderson was stray until recently when she made camp on my friends’ porch. They fed her through the winter, and eventually took her to the vet, where they discovered she was older than they’d thought, and really not suited to go back outside. (Some cats do just fine as fed outdoor cats–she was clearly struggling.)

Mike and I fostered her for a little while. She’s a sweetheart. She wags her tail when she’s happy. I can’t even deal with how cute that is.

She would like to be petted, please. Constantly, if possible.

The vet had to shave her because her fur was a mass of angry tangles. So, she looks a bit like a furless, pathetic goblin. A purring, furless, pathetic goblin with a wagging tail.

She seems to have rustled up a home. If you have to be a stray cat, it’s good to be charming. And since her home is with friends of ours, we still get to enjoy petting the furless goblin (who will eventually be furred) and watching gifs of her wagging her tail.


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2 Responses to My life in cats: Henderson

  1. 1
    barney says:

    Nice to see examples of compassion. Thank you for being a kind soul.
    We took in a stray Persian whose coat was a mass of fur balls and matted etc. She had to be living rough for at aleast a few years based on how bad the coat had become. It took a full two years before her coat finally got back to beautiful.

  2. 2
    Scott says:

    I’m enjoying your history in cats. Who can resist cat pictures after all?