Come say hi to me on Alas, a Discord

Hi, folks!

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been posting even less than usual to “Alas” lately. Somehow I haven’t felt like blogging since the current strangeness began. (And really, I was hardly blogging before that.)

I’m going to continue posting cartoons and the occasional link farm here, and of course the other bloggers can post here as well, if they want.

But for people who want to keep in touch with me – and with whatever other “Alas” folks show up – I’ve started a new Discord. Click here to join it, if you’d like. (You’ll need to install Discord, if you haven’t already).

Discord is new to me, but I’ve found it’s really good for creating a low-key group text that people (if they want to) can just check in with every now and then (hourly, daily, weekly, whatever), rather than an overwhelming infinite scroll like Twitter or FaceBook.

Anyway, if you’re interested, come check it out. I’d really like to hear from the various “Alas” folk.

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