MORE Things To Stop Telling Autistic People

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Almost a year ago, I posted the cartoon “Things To Stop Saying To Autistic People,” drawn by Becky. Becky and I were both pleased with how it came up, and there is, alas, tons of material there. So, have a sequel!

It’s funny how the first panel of this cartoon is almost a continuation of the last panel of the previous cartoon. That wasn’t on purpose, but I like it.

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Becky’s comments:

This was a fun “draw 8 different assholes” challenge. I kept the first “things not to say to autistic people” cartoon open so that I wouldn’t accidentally repeat a character design or pose. I aimed for a variety of ages and races, but now that I look at it, everyone’s pretty gender normie in this one. As usual, I scrolled on social media a bit for inspiration. The “You must be high-functioning” woman was based on someone in a workout video ad. I snuck a Melissa Schemmenti sitting in the subway background looking at her phone.

I especially enjoyed cramming the subway panel with all the potential sensory nightmares (crowds, chili dog, crying baby, SOMEONE’S SHOES ATTACHED TO THEIR PACKPACK RIGHT AT EYE LEVEL, EWW). Not to be the person who always has to mention they’ve lived in New York, but…

Incidentally, I think the grossest thing I saw on the subway was a weekend-night drunk DIY ear piercing. I’ll never look at a subway handrail the same way again.

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This cartoon has nine panels, arranged in a three-by-three grid. Each panel shows a different person speaking to the reader.

The exception is the central panel, which has the words “MORE THINGS TO STOP TELLING AUTISTIC PEOPLE” written in large, friendly lettering.


A woman wearing a blue shirt and librarian glasses, with her hair in a bun, is leaning down to talk to us (i.e., we’re in a child’s perspective). We can see from the background that this is a classroom for small children.

WOMAN: If you’d just act normal you wouldn’t GET bullied.


A man with freckles speaks to us with a dubious expression on his face and his arms folded.

MAN: You’re ALLOWED to drive?


An older woman, wide-eyed with white hair pushed high on her head by a wrap, speaks to us, a concerned expression on her face.

WOMAN: You must be VERY high functioning.


A cheerful woman wearing a button-up sweater open over a shirt shrugs.

WOMAN: Isn’t EVERYONE a little autistic?


This is the central panel; there’s nothing in it but the title of the strip, “More Things To Stop Telling Autistic People,” in large letters.


This panel shows the inside of a crowded subway car. There’s a lot of people; there’s a screaming baby, there’s a hot dog with scent lines coming off it, there’s a grumpy child with a spiked turtle shell backpack, and mainly there’s just a ton of people packed shoulder-to-shoulder. A bald man with a hip little chin beard holds on to a ceiling strap with one hand as he speaks to us, smiling.

MAN: Just don’t LET it bother you.


An older woman, with white hair flowing down onto her shoulders, puts a finger on her chin as she speaks cheerily to us. In the background, we can see a dreamcatcher hanging on the wall, near a poster of a wolf howling in front of a full moon, and a big candle shaped like a headless Venus of Willendorf statue, with the wick coming out of the neck. (Becky: “Inspired by a candle I saw at People’s Food Co-op.”)

WOMAN: I bet YOU were vaccinated as a child, right?


An older man, bald and wearing a short-sleeved polo shirt, grins at us.

MAN: You’re autistic? COOL! Quick, what’s 241 times 672.5?


A man speaks with great intensity, his face looming so close in the panel that the bottom and top of his head are out of panel. He has wide, staring eyes.

MAN: I can’t trust anyone who won’t look me in the EYES.

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2 Responses to MORE Things To Stop Telling Autistic People

  1. 1
    Ian Morris says:

    they really should stop, the autism spectrum is not just one thing

  2. 2
    Jacqueline Squid Onassis says:

    Panel 9 is very familiar.