Solving the Problem of Rape, KBR-Style

You almost certainly remember the case of Jamie Leigh Jones, a KBR/Halliburton employee who was raped and imprisoned in Iraq, and only escaped because a sympathetic guard loaned her a cell phone that allowed her to call for help.

Well, KBR has looked at the situation, and they’ve decided to take action. No, not by protecting women from sexual assault — the very idea! No, they’ve decided to ban cell phone use among their contractors in Iraq.

Each time I think we’ve hit the floor, someone starts digging deeper.

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2 Responses to Solving the Problem of Rape, KBR-Style

  1. 1
    jed says:

    That’s a pretty big jump in logic to arrive at that conclusion.

  2. 2
    FYI says:


    If you haven’t been there and you are not a woman you do not have any clue about what lenghts KBR will go to to cover their tracks and stop information about their misconduct from leaving Iraq.