John McCain is a Liar

There’s a little straight talk, my friends. John McCain lies. Constantly. Incessantly. About big things and small things. About Barack Obama and Sarah Palin and Joe Biden and himself. About pretty much everything he claims to believe.

John McCain is a liar.

It’s a damn shame; there was a time when John McCain was known as a truth-teller, an honorable man. But he’s shelved that honor, and he’s become what he once railed against: just another lying politician. Whether he’s claiming his vice presidential candidate never asked for an earmark as governor when in fact she asked for about ten times the average per capita amount, claiming that Barack Obama’s support of teaching kindergartners to protect themselves from sexual predators amounted to “teaching sex ed to kindergartners,” or pretending that he hasn’t changed positions on anything during this campaign when he’s done so at least 76 times, John McCain is pretty much lying all the time now. It’s gotten so bad that the AP has even called him out on it — and they’ve been riding the tire swing all campaign long.

I mean heck, look at these ads. It seems like he isn’t even bothering with the truth anymore:

Look, I used to like John McCain, but that was when he was telling the truth. He’s a liar now. We’ve spent the last eight years with a president who lied to us; is that how we want to spend the next four?

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3 Responses to John McCain is a Liar

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    Myca says:

    It’s a damn shame; there was a time when John McCain was known as a truth-teller, an honorable man.

    See, I think that this gets to the heart of it. This isn’t just about one person’s change, this is about what’s considered optimal for a Republican candidate. Because, during that time, when he was known as an honorable truth-teller, he was also far less popular within the Republican party.

    As he has become an active, willful, and unashamed liar, his popularity has surged. There has been no Republican backlash against these lies because this isn’t something that they care enough about to ‘backlash’ against. Lying isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

    The transformation from the old John McCain to the new John McCain is a story of the festering rot at the heart of the modern Republican party.


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    Holly says:

    That is an excellent video. I can sadly believe what McCain has been doing–He is a dirty politician, nothing more and is a blatant liar. More and more people need to come out and tell people the truth about McCain. He cannot keep getting away with spreading lies and rumors to win an election, it’s getting too disgusting.

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    joe t says:

    Yes, John McBush is a LIAR!! Almost all his adds are lies and If you watched the debate… you as I seen, that he lied about 12 times on his so called facts. That why he couldnt look Obama in the eyes, becouse he was lieing about him…. its a known fact that when a person lies to you they will not look at you. Also he never looked at the camera, not only was he lieing about Obama he lies to the American people. In Johns world its not America first its campaign first!! What a looser. As a Republican I can say this man is a bad pick! Im voting for the honest one, satan is the author of lies and he can be so convincing if you are blind.