Franken Wins


Al Franken has been officially certified as the winner of the recount by the Minnesota Canvassing Board. He will not be certified as the winner officially before next Monday at the earliest; Minnesota law gives that grace period to allow a loser to file an election challenge.

I think that’s good; Coleman should be able to file a challenge, even if it’s frivolous. It may be foolish of him to do so, but that’s his right, and I don’t believe he should be stopped from exercising those rights just because he’s unlikely to come out a winner.

But as of right now, Al Franken is a Senator-elect.

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2 Responses to Franken Wins

  1. 1
    RonF says:

    What the heck – if you’re going to have a Senate full of clowns, you might as well start hiring professionals.

  2. 2
    RonF says:

    Hm. Won’t let me edit. I should have said “fools”, not “clowns”. Better fit on both ends.