3 Month Old Blogger Works His Magic

I started my boys on computers early.  I found it was great way to break the monotony of breastfeeding twins, so once I figured the breastfeeding out, I would sit and read articles on the web while I fed them.  I couldn’t really write much because I needed at least one hand to balance them, but they were able to figure out the keyboard.

In these pictures my Eli was 3 months old, and by this point, I had to stop feeding him (or only do it when he was really tired) while reading on the computer because he loved the computer.  He was obsessed with that screen saver, and as you can see in the third picture he knew how to push the buttons on the touch pad mouse.  It’s amazing what kids can pick up.  Now at 8 months, I can’t let him near the computer he goes crazy and tries to bang the keys and the mouse.

I think we have a future blogger on our hands.

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7 Responses to 3 Month Old Blogger Works His Magic

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    FilthyGrandeur says:

    omg that’s so precious!!
    it also reminds me of when my cousin was a baby he loved those old hansen’s windows commercials (anyone remember those, with the dancing windows–or maybe it was just in michigan). anyway, it seems technology and fancy graphics wows babies. hell, it wows me, but babies are way cuter when they look confused.

  2. 2
    Dori says:

    I seem to remember an awesome game called Baby Smash that you could download. You just let the smack keys, and each key creates a different sound, shape and color on the screen. Drives kids nutty :D

  3. 3
    Jack Stephens says:

    I seem to remember an awesome game called Baby Smash

    Really?! Cool! That’s fucking sweet!! Some of the genius shit people come up with! I’ll download it right now! (And say its for my nephew when it’s really for me *wink*)

  4. 4
    Elkins says:

    Hee! Your kids have the greatest facial expressions! Between Eli’s first photo here, Mark’s boggly, tongue-sticking-out pose in the gendered clothing post, and The Crazy Spinach Face, it’s like a cornucopia of funny baby faces.

    They’ll be so embarrassed when they grow older and see these photos. Heh heh heh.

  5. 5
    Rachel S. says:

    I think commercials were made for babies. I’ve noticed when we have the TV on there are certain commercials that attract both of them. They immediately turn and look. There is a Vonage commercial that get them every time, and I cannot figure it out.

    I think my boys would love that game. If I had on old working computer, I’d download it and let them go crazy. I think babies love anything with buttons–remotes, electronic appliances, computers, all of it.

    Thanks Elkins. I figure if they aren’t embarassed in the future then I’m not doing my job as a mother. :)

  6. 6
    RonF says:

    When my kids were born we bought an Atari 400 – 16KB of RAM (and a 10K OS) and the option to add 8KB of ROM that contained programs. It also had a membrane keyboard that was impossible to pound food, dirt, snot, etc. into. We bought a program called “My First Alphabet”. It would flash a big letter and appropriate graphic and call out the letter (“A”, and show a big capital A and an apple). Your job was to push the corresponding key to get the flashing light and happy noise. Hit the wrong key and as far as I can tell the damn thing farted. My kids would happily sit there and pound away to get the happy noise. By 18 months of age they knew and could call out the alphabet (“A!”) and type it on the keyboard. I bet there’s still some variant of that game out there somewhere. Either that or I could bundle up my old Atari 400 and ship it out to you. It’s a little worse for wear – I hacked into it severely to upgrade it to 64KB (slots? Who needs slots when you’ve got a soldering iron!) and a regular keyboard.

  7. 7
    sanabituranima says:

    My little sister used to love pressing the keys on the keyboard while the computer was turned off.