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Please Help One of My Students

Hey folks, I have a student who wants to interview women bloggers.  Specifically, she needs women activist bloggers or as she put it bloggers with a cause.  The cause could be political, so women political bloggers are welcomed, in addition … Continue reading

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Bottles, Breasts, and Mothering "Choices"

A few months after my boys were born I stumbled across a message board for twin moms, I really started to enjoy the tips and the sense of community that I gained from reading and posting on the site.  One … Continue reading

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3 Month Old Blogger Works His Magic

I started my boys on computers early.  I found it was great way to break the monotony of breastfeeding twins, so once I figured the breastfeeding out, I would sit and read articles on the web while I fed them.  … Continue reading

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Highly Skilled US Immigrants are Emigrating: What's the deal?

I think it’s fair to say that immigrants have long been positive contributors to the US economy.  In recent years, highly skilled immigrants have filled high demand jobs in science, technology, and  health care related fields.  Many of these immigrants … Continue reading

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Mark's Crazy Spinach Face

This kid is the master of facial expressions.  I’ve caught him making some of the goofiest faces.  He was making this face over and over again a few weeks ago.  Believe it or not he actually likes the spinach, but … Continue reading

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Eric Holder Says Americans Are Cowardly on Race Issues

I don’t agree with every little tidbit of his speech, but I do think he’s right.  The deny, avoid, ignore pattern is so prevalent when it comes to race, and it doesn’t serve the interest of racial justice at all. … Continue reading

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Getting My Mojo and My Email Back

So as many of you have probably noticed I’ve been MIA at my site and here at Alas for the past year. I try to put up the occasional post, but taking care of two infants is really overwhelming. I … Continue reading

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Baby Blogging: Gender and Baby Clothes

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More Diverse Pundits Although the White Guys Still Run the Shows

When I was reading Racialicious a while back I ran across this New York Times article, which notes that political pundits are more diverse than ever before: Both MSNBC and CNN this election season have given new prominence to a … Continue reading

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Mark Found Someone He Really Likes

One of the neat things about having infants is that they reach developmental milestones almost daily. My little Mark is really good with his eyes. He loves to follow things, and last week he found someone he really likes…. Yes, … Continue reading

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