Sometimes I Sit and Wonder…

…what exactly the Internet is for and what it has unleashed upon our society…

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4 Responses to Sometimes I Sit and Wonder…

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    Mandolin says:

    I think it’s amusing how much crowd sourced media is “OMG, cute!” based.

    Also: OMG, cute.

    (although I thought cats yawned to show off their teeth, not due to tiredness.)

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    Jon says:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing after receiving a number of emails on Britain’s Got Talent. I guess I’m jaded and spoiled by the way that I use the internet, but when I see the BGT video my first thoughts are to wonder what Alas users think of it and to point out to the sender that we should collectively use this story to be conscious of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ issues in our everyday lives. Alas, inevitably the BGT phenomenon passes and the next wave of cute videos & agressive posts bemoaning the financial sector or celebrating the murder of three African men picks up.

    Having said the above, I discovered the site ZooBorns and it is the best site on the internet bar none.

    Oh well, I guess the internet isn’t for social consciousness and creating an expanding network of shared values and goals for the betterment of our species and the world itself. I’ll keep reading and trying, though.

    P.S. – Don’t miss the Francois Langur — cutest baby EVAR link

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    RonF says:

    The first, and for a very long time the oldest webcam on the Internet was focused on a coffee pot at USC so that people could see if the pot was full before bothering to walk over to get a cup. It was set up in 1991. There’s even an RFC for it.

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    lizriz says:

    This is my favorite use of the Internet, actually. Gotta love the fluff. :)