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Cartoon: “Too Much Foam”

If you enjoy these cartoons, and can spare it, please support my Patreon! This is one of a couple of cartoons I’ve  recently written on the subject of abled people putting the disabled up on a pedestal. (After getting some … Continue reading

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“Unlocking the Garret” – a new essay by Mandolin, for the “Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction” Kickstarter

Check out this essay by Mandolin! “Unlocking the Garret” by Rachel Swirsky Excerpt: It’s in the stereotype. The artist of tempestuous temperament who drinks to excess as he stumbles, lean and tuberculotic, up the winding steps to his garret. Van … Continue reading

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Why Feminists Shouldn’t Use “Neckbeard”

My newest “Everyday Feminism” cartoon. TRANSCRIPT OF CARTOON (At the top of the cartoon, large cartoon-style letters spell out “NECKBEARD.” Each letter is growing stubble hairs out of its lowest third.) (Behind all the panels is a large drawing of … Continue reading

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The idea of a cure doesn’t offend me. The idea that I ought to be waiting or looking for that cure is offensive.

In another thread, Ender left this comment: I’m planning on going into neurocognitive/computational research, which has or could have medical applications (amongst many other computer technology applications). My question then is, do people that are called “disabled” or “handicapped” not … Continue reading

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Switched At Birth’s “Uprising” Episode – The Best Political TV Show Of The Year

The “ABC Family” network, owned by Disney after beginning life as one of Pat Robertson’s properties, [1. ABC Family is still contractually obligated to broadcast Robertson’s show “The 700 Club” twice daily, although they precede it with a disclaimer.] has … Continue reading

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Three Updates on the Gallaudet University Story

1) Angela McCaskill, the suspended Gallaudet University Diversity Officer at the heart of this story, is being used in an anti-same-sex marriage TV ad. According to CBS news, “McCaskill’s attorney says his client would like the ad to stop running,” … Continue reading

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Know-Nothing Ablebodied People Suspect Disability Is A Scam

The CBS headline says it all: “Scammers Using Wheelchairs To Skip Airport Lines Legally.” “When [travelers] see that the line is so long, they just ask for a wheelchair,” Evelyn Danquah, an attendant for Delta Air Lines, told the Times. … Continue reading

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Health care and non-compete agreements

[Written by Kay Olson, and crossposted from The Gimp Parade with Kay’s kind permission]. Two years ago this week I got caught up in a legal dispute that briefly threatened my life. Obviously, I’m still alive, but a version of … Continue reading

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Fair is fair: Kindergarten and the American Dream

Kindergarten showcases many basic principles which most of us learn there or at our parents’ knees:  take turns, share the toys, fair is fair, and so on.  Later on, “fair is fair” gets refined in many ways, one of which … Continue reading

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Deconstructing Sheri Tepper’s 2008 Interview with Strange Horizons

So, someone asked me what was so offensive about Tepper’s interview. After reading her comments, I’m convinced that it might actually be helpful to some people if I did a deconstruction. I don’t usually fisk things because it’s a format … Continue reading

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